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PrimePoint Global is a bespoke innovator of premium customer centric services, excelling in workplace experience and employment engagement in Corporate Real Estate.

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About Us

PrimePoint Global is the Corporate Manager of First Contact.

PrimePoint Global directs the expansion of First Contact® globally. We have offices in Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and New York.

We innovated and redesigned a complete end-to-end employee experience for a “Workplace-as-a-Service” customer experience approach. This Subject Matter Expertise model is composite of our core hospitality services in Workplace Operations (CORE) and Subject Matter Expertise (SME).

We are proud to be at the core of workplaces that enable better organisational performance. Creating a fundamental change in how the workplace operates, we remain the benchmark in customer experience, employee engagement, and sound financial management.

Our clients are world leaders in workplace excellence. We are proud to serve them. Welcome to PrimePoint Global.

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